At Brilliant we think sustainably

This means: we not only have the present in mind, but also the future. We not only promise this, but we also act accordingly. That is why we have had ourselves certified by a renowned independent testing institution:

• Quality management system according to ISO 9001

• Environmental management system according to ISO 14001

A quality management system according to ISO 9001

This is a globally valid standard to whose rules we have committed ourselves. For our customers, this means firstly a better orientation on the market and secondly more security. Because with our certified quality management we have committed ourselves: We comply with legal and official requirements at all times, constantly strive to improve and give high priority to customer satisfaction. And we have what we do independently audited.

An environmental management system according to ISO 14001

With the certification according to this standard, Brilliant commits itself to promote environmental protection, to reduce the impact of its actions on the environment and climate and thus to implement environmental goals correctly. However, in implementing this, we also take into account other sustainability goals such as social, economic and political requirements. We formulate clear environmental goals. At the same time, we motivate and sensitise our employees to them. And here, too, we do not just claim this, but have our activities reviewed.

Sustainability at Brilliant
We are all allowed to call the earth our home - therefore, a responsible and resource-conserving approach is essential to preserve a good basis of life for all of us.

So here we would like to take you with us on our way to a more environmentally conscious tomorrow.

What does sustainability mean to us?

Whether private individuals or companies - for a long time now, it has no longer been a question of "whether" we have to do business more sustainably, but of "how? We, too, were faced with this question and, in this context, launched the sustainability project. The main participants in this project are our apprentices - because we want to give them the opportunity to actively shape the future of our company.

As a large industrial company, we are aware of our social, economic and ecological responsibility. Therefore, we are now treading the path of enabling our and all following generations to have a livable existence on our planet.

We are FSC® certified
We have been FSC-certified (FSC-C155669) since March 2020. A large proportion of our luminaires with wooden components thus come from sustainable forestry. We thus ensure that forests are managed responsibly and are committed to biodiversity and environmental protection.
Made in Europe
We have relocated part of our production to Europe. In this way, we are not only making an additional contribution to strengthening the European economy, but are also doing something good for the environment:

  • shorter transport routes
  • smaller CO2 footprint
  • production according to EU standards
  • Wood from sustainable forestry (FSC certified - FSC-C155669)

Salesfolder "Made in Europe"

The amfori BSCI initiative

As a participant in the amfori BSCI corporate initiative, we ensure better working conditions for those involved in our global supply chains. For us, this means that we have committed to binding targets that we also integrate into our suppliers' processes. Our progress is monitored through regular audits. BSCI, for example, specifies a code of conduct that we have committed to uphold through our participation. It primarily refers to important international labour standards for the protection of workers' rights.

fair payment
better working conditions
regular audits
ethical management